Title: The Real Time City has arrived
Location: http://realtimecity.danielbauer.com
Image: projects2/2003/rtc.jpg
Date: 2003
Rating: 10

urban potentials through mobile networking. A fusion of architecture and telecommunications.

Title: Rebuilding an old western styrian farmers house
Location: projects2/2003/umbau_haus_techt/frame.htm
Image: projects2/2003/umbau_haus_techt/image.jpg
Date: 2003
Rating: 8

Title: ORANGERY - Competition for the Artmuseum St. Gallen
Location: projects2/2001/kunstmuseum_st_gallen/frame.htm
Image: projects2/2001/kunstmuseum_st_gallen/image.jpg
Date: 2001
Rating: 9

an addition to the existing Museum for Arts in St. Gallen, with stupid an complex regulations. We just put it all together what was worth it and built the park into and onto the new building - ORANGERY

Title: DATATRAVEL - stretching the meaning of Realtime
Location: projects2/2004/0409_datatravel/frame.htm
Image: projects2/2004/0409_datatravel/image.jpg
Date: 2004
Rating: 8

data travels like human, just faster.

Title: Copetition Silo Graz West
Location: projects2/2003/silo_eggenberg/frame.htm
Image: projects2/2003/silo_eggenberg/image.gif
Date: 2003
Rating: 7

Introducing augmented reality into urban space

Title: Room for artists in residence at the Haus der Architektur, Graz
Location: projects/arch/hda/frame.htm
Image: projects/arch/hda/image.jpg
Date: 2001
Rating: 8

A soft room for moving people. Inhabitation is familiarness is standstill. You should try something else! Acknowledgement award

Title: Variations on Ben Berkels Music Theatre
Location: projects2/2001/the_berkel_spiral/frame.htm
Image: projects2/2001/the_berkel_spiral/image.jpg
Date: 2001
Rating: 7

UN Studios winning entry for the music theatre competition in Graz in, I guess 1996, based on a room organisation concept that envolves a formal spiral. See formal variations on this concept.

Title: Competition The Great Egyptian Museum
Location: projects2/2002/love_gizeh/frame.htm
Image: projects2/2002/love_gizeh/image.jpg
Date: 2002
Rating: 6

Title: Offshore - a capture of an oil rig by Greenpeace
Location: projects2/2001/offshore/frame.htm
Image: projects2/2001/offshore/image.jpg
Date: 2001
Rating: 7

INSTANDBESETZEN statt KAPUTTBESITZEN, Occupation to establish instead of fucked up Possession

Title: About perception in architecture
Location: projects/arch/wahrnehm/frame.htm
Image: projects/arch/wahrnehm/image.jpg
Date: 2000
Rating: 7

This is a theoretical text about an important point in thinking about what architecture is. Developed in connection with a lecture about perception per se.

Title: BMWHolz - prefabricated wooden construction system for multilevel housings
Location: http://xarch.tu-graz.ac.at/proj/bmwholz/
Image: projects/bmwholz.jpg
Date: 1998
Rating: 8

This was a great project. Developed together with Wolfgang Wimmersberger, Michi Merk and Holzbau Weiz.