Title: SUBSUSHI the japanese site
Location: http://subsushi.danielbauer.com
Image: projects/subsushi.jpg
Date: 2002
Rating: 10

The SubSushi Red. went a long way to Japan, espescially to Tokyo for having an alternative experience of typical japanese phenomenas. Visit japanese architecture (the old and the new one), watch japanese boys and girls, listen to japanese boygroups and guess what!?!?...we met Austrian football star IVICA VASTIC

Title: The SENZA PARFUMO official Fan Page
Location: http://senzaparfumo.danielbauer.com
Image: projects2/2003/senzaparfumo.jpg
Date: 2003
Rating: 7

Title: Christmas Advertisment for the Green Party in Graz, Austria. Published in local street magacine MEGAPHON
Location: projects2/2001/gruenen_inserat/frame.htm
Image: projects2/2001/gruenen_inserat/image.gif
Date: 2001
Rating: 7

no slogan, no promise, just good winter mood.

Title: Harmonisierung von Trivial- und Sakralbauten
Location: projects2/2001/isi_triv_u_sakr/frame.htm
Image: projects2/2001/isi_triv_u_sakr/image.jpg
Date: 2001
Rating: 6

This is a poster for the JOHNNY WEISSMÜLLER BUND. Remember the old tradition of public commercial space that is completly harmonized with churches.

Title: Reginas Weihnachtssterne
Location: projects2/2001/reginas_sterne/frame.htm
Image: projects2/2001/reginas_sterne/image.jpg
Date: 2001
Rating: 6

lustige Weihnachtskarte über das ewige Scheitern beim Zeichnen von Weihnachtssternen

Title: The fabulous Milleniums Party Page
Location: projects/graf/partme/index.htm
Image: projects/graf/partme/image.jpg
Date: 1999
Rating: 7

Title: SexyUndergroundBand graphics
Location: projects/graf/sub/g-sub01.htm
Image: projects/graf/sub/image.jpg
Date: 2000
Rating: 6

Title: Sampler Cover
Location: projects2/2001/sampler_cover/frame.htm
Image: projects2/2001/sampler_cover/image.jpg
Date: 2001
Rating: 5

For all that still own a sampler without a cover

Title: Sans Secours graphics
Location: projects/graf/ss/g-ss01.htm
Image: projects/graf/ss/image.jpg
Date: 1998
Rating: 7

Title: Repro Bauer Homepage
Location: http://www.reprobauer.com
Image: projects/graf/repro_image.jpg
Date: 1999
Rating: 5

The page visualizes the comlicated inner life of Repro Bauer, my fathers company