Title: DATATRAVEL - stretching the meaning of Realtime
Location: projects2/2004/0409_datatravel/frame.htm
Image: projects2/2004/0409_datatravel/image.jpg
Date: 2004
Rating: 8

data travels like human, just faster.

Title: The Real Time City has arrived
Location: http://realtimecity.danielbauer.com
Image: projects2/2003/rtc.jpg
Date: 2003
Rating: 10

urban potentials through mobile networking. A fusion of architecture and telecommunications.

Title: SUBSUSHI the japanese site
Location: http://subsushi.danielbauer.com
Image: projects/subsushi.jpg
Date: 2002
Rating: 10

The SubSushi Red. went a long way to Japan, espescially to Tokyo for having an alternative experience of typical japanese phenomenas. Visit japanese architecture (the old and the new one), watch japanese boys and girls, listen to japanese boygroups and guess what!?!?...we met Austrian football star IVICA VASTIC

Title: The SENZA PARFUMO official Fan Page
Location: http://senzaparfumo.danielbauer.com
Image: projects2/2003/senzaparfumo.jpg
Date: 2003
Rating: 7

Title: Michael Thurow now and later or not
Location: projects2/2002/thurow_tastatur/frame.htm
Image: projects2/2002/thurow_tastatur/image.jpg
Date: 2002
Rating: 7

 The Video uses a technique that is morphing time and space. Through cutting the moving footage into pieces and putting it together in a different time order you achieve a movement in space with showing just one happened moment.

Title: Box in Box generates form
Location: projects/arch/boxinbox/frame.htm
Image: projects/arch/boxinbox/image.gif
Date: 2001
Rating: 7

A formal experiment to generate form through freezing an objects moving over time.

Title: OFFSRINGS, experimental stuff, small architectures and animations
Location: projects/divers/lotta/frame.htm
Image: projects/divers/lotta/image.gif
Date: 2001
Rating: 7

Things that appear during work, made for fun, for other use, or in complete delirium. Some of them are amazing!

Title: Die Sendung mit der Maus, Thema: Natursteine (Stones)
Location: projects2/2002/sendung_mit_der_maus/frame.htm
Image: projects2/2002/sendung_mit_der_maus/image.gif
Date: 2002
Rating: 6

Come on kids, have a look at it!

Title: running Staberl hochweit
Location: projects/arch/staberl/frame.htm
Image: projects/arch/staberl/image.jpg
Date: 2001
Rating: 6

Architecture is about relations. This tool shows the possibilities of modern Computer Technologies to bring form into relation with other parameters. In this case distance.

Title: Animations for graphic designer Harry Kouba (KO Design)
Location: projects2/1999/kouba/frame.htm
Image: projects2/1999/kouba/image.gif
Date: 1999
Rating: 7

2 small animations to be main part of clients representation in Web, ads, and so.... One of them won the styrian panther 2000