July 2006 - SHOT SHOT SHOT
A lot has happened since the latest update in 2000 and 5. Regina and I returned from the South Bronx to Graz. I teamed up with Video artist Richard Techt, we got ourselves a little studio and started out living our dream of being digital artists. We call ourselves "Shot Shot Shot". Our first challenge went well, we directed and produced a music video for an Austrian band called "Monk", watch it at www.monkweb.com.
We are currently working on our own PR so a website at www.shotshotshot.com will be up soon. Stay tuned.

And if you are still out for some RocknRoll, check out my band from Brooklyn You Are Safe Now featuring Hans-Jürgen Eberdorfer.

The project database is for those people out there who are interested in my work of the past. It covers the main fields of my interst: Architecture, Audio and Music, Video and Graphics and Visualizations. - Enter the Project Database

But please don't expect it to be uptodate and complete. If you are just looking for my visualisation showcase you'll find it at the lower part of this page, in the communication section

Forget about "low calory Cities", don't even care about "healthy food towns". Throw away your "Urban Heartburn" and trash all "low fat architecture"! NYC Fatfree is what you are dieting for.
NYCFatfree is following the tradition of SubSushi and reveals every western stereotype that is likely to be connected to those american bastards. Vom PunkRockKaraoke bis zu den Gotham Ciry Roller Girls, there is nothing more embarrassing than reality itself - Open NYCFatfree in a new window

NYCFatfree offers a sophisticated Navigationsystem that will lead you safely through the urban jungle of NYC

Urban Textures is the working title of a short movie I have planned to do through 2006 with some film-artists from Austria. The film incorporates New York as an urban phenomena with several dimensions of perception. At the moment we are in phase one, the preproduction, which embraces development and refinment of the concept of the story, the design of the environment and the design of the character.
Stay tuned for reports of the progress!

Mail: Daniel Bauer, Studio Griesgasse 24, 8020 Graz
Email: office(at)danielbauer.com
Phone: +43 699 81834589
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Skype: gaspedalo
and ICQ: 4419868

My CV - made in July 2004 - Filesize to little to mention
Visualisation Showcase 2003 Web Version - 5.3MB
Visualisation Showcase 2003 Print Version - 24MB

For more fun please visit:
mrs-lee.com, noch härter, noch fetter, noch krasser;
pfpaja.fi, hobby cartoonism is not a shame;
sexyundergroundband.com, shall they rest in peace
psycho-path.com for more astonishing music
Our Hosts Xarch.at and zierbanane.at
blois.at and paulbauer.net and JJ Kucek
last but not least IVICA OSIM

"The Real Time has arrived - urban potentials through mobile networks" is a project concerned with the fusion of two fields that become more and more intersected: Architecture and Telecommunication. Developed at the technical university of graz, austria; faculty of architecture; supervisor Univ.Prof.Arch.Manfred Wolff-Plottegg (technical university of vienna) - Open realtimecity.danielbauer.com in a new window
RealTimeCity in Shibuya / Tokyo 2003 - Animation

SENZA PARFUMO, the guy from Palermo is hosting some great songs on danielbauer.com
See the Killer Video of "Ballava da Dio" - video material of the "ballava da dio" premiere at the "Senza Parfumo Italia Party" at "Celerys", Graz on Wednesday 19. of February. - a recording of the senza parfumo live interview connection from palermo beach to the B72 in Vienna on Thursday 21. of August - a lot of audio material, fan post and other fan stuff
and now NEW ON SENZA PARFUMO SITE: Paparazzi found him on the beach in Palermo !!! RARE !!! -
Open senzaparfumo.danielbauer.com in a new window
Stills from the Killer Hit Video "Ballava da dio", featuring J.J. Kucek as the dancer and Ni Lam as the oriental beauty. Recorded at the Mrs.Lee Studios, Palermo -> Watch Video

Regional Exibition of Lower Austria in 2005 is the Amethystwelt Maissau. Main attraction is an enormous amethyst vein. I do a short animation of the site for the further process of architectural planning and for a presentetion of the project on their webpage. Including a musical contribution of Binder & Krieglstein.

Amethystywelt Maissau - Animation

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