The database section gives a main focus on five categories that represent my work best. Again these categories show you just selections. So for a more complete insight to my work please use the collections database at the bottom of this page. - Jump to the anchor

The architectural work represents a wide bandwidth of architectural approaches. From wooden structures for social housing over medialised architecure experiments to family houses that are meant to be built. - Enter the Architecture Selection
This is my day job, so it's the least freaky one. But working for different architects and clients is fun because different people require different styles. Besides the visualizations I often do 3D constructions of complex shaped designs. This supports the whole design process often into the phase of planning process. - Visit selected Visualisations

You want to know it all? You are searching for a specific project, then go on right here. The database search function gives you the most comprehensive insight to my work. But don't forget. I do not update that often. It is full of stuff, but the latest works are probably missing.


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t h e m e i n d e x

Music has been a passion for my whole life, from playing life in New York with Sans Secours over cooperations with Binder & Krieglstein to Solo Performances with Senza Parfumo. In the meantime my drumset has been extended through notebook and, once again, endless possibilities. - Enter Audio Selection

Good music needs a good video part. The same is necessary for architecture. A good design is better shown by movement. So I started to do videos. - Enter Video Selection

Every line you draw is graphic, so it is better to know how it looks good. Therefore I started to get into it a little bit. Webpages, books, cd-covers and so on, mostly for myself, but sometimes for clients as well. - Enter the Graphics Selection 2004